Hosted VoIP and SIP to be the future

Hosted VoIP and SIP is the future, so prepare to switch to an IP Network

BT have recently announced that they will be switching all their business customers to an IP Network.

In our last blog post we talked about the rise of Hosted VoIP Telephony which provides an increase in productivity and efficiency, reducing operating costs and it aids mobility and flexibility. We stated that “the advantages of having a hosted VoIP system truly surpass any functionality provided by having a traditional land-line phone system” and this wasn’t an understatement! Very soon all customers will be served by an IP connectionand Hosted solutions will truly overtake traditional telephony for good.

A recent statement was made by the CEO of BT, Gavin Patterson, in which he stated:

We already serve many thousands of customers and businesses using IP. Our goal is that by 2025 all our voice customers will be served using an IP to the premises solution, and will migrate off the traditional telephony platform.

This clearly conveys the goals which BT has for the future – the future is in low-cost IP solutions including SIP Trunks and hosted VoIP Solutions!

He also goes on to say that there will be no distinction between fixed and mobile, one common access platform will be able to deliver both. Say good-bye to being tied down to your desk, use the phone wherever – inside the office or out!

We (as well as many others) are in full agreement that the new Hosted Solutions provide users with a hassle free and seamless experience. BT are rapidly growing their IP Network base and looking to the future.

Eventually everyone will be forced to either go to a Hosted VoIP solution or for a SIP system due to the cease of BT’s ISDN lines. If you are unsure about what SIP is, you can visit our SIP page for more information, and if you are looking for more information on a Hosted PBX take a look at our Hosted PBX page.

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