What is Lync?

Lync is a service that allows you and your colleagues to connect in real time, chat and share applications. This enables you to work from your computer to work with your team, almost anywhere!

Lync keeps you up to date as it works in real time, it will let you know what your colleagues are up to, their availability, where they are and more. Lync enables you to keep in contact with your colleagues, chat over its instant messaging service and hold video chats. With this service you can turn a small conversation into a team meeting within just a few small clicks. This service enables you to adapt Lync to suit your personal preferences and workflow, this is aided by features such as shared notes and mobility. Whether you’re in the office, at home or on the go, Lync will be sure to increase your work productivity.

Benefits of Lync

Stay in touch anywhere

Communicate securely with Lync and connect anywhere with a network connection.

Use the device you want

Lync allows you to connect easily and with familiar features that work across multiple platforms.

Connect with everyone

Connect with your suppliers, partners and your clients with Lync securely over the Internet.

HD Video

HD video was incorporated  to ensure that best experience is reached when using this service.

Communicate in the right way

Calls, Lync Meetings, presence and instant messaging all located in one easy to use client allows you to easily choose the best from of communication.

Virtual meetings

Use the new multiparty HD video support to simultaneously view up to 5 meeting participants.

Join meetings with ease

Join in on a meeting with a touch of a button wherever you are, even on your smartphone!

Browser based access

Join a Lync meeting from a browser with the Lync web app and still have the full experience!


Share and create meeting notes with others quickly and easily with OneNote.

Find the best way to communicate

Use the Quick Link menu to quickly and easily find the best way to communicate.

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