PBX Phone System

In order to succeed as a business you need to make sure you keep your customer satisfaction and employee productivity to a high standard as well as keeping your operational costs low.

If you’re looking for your first telephone system, looking to upgrade or expand, ACT can help. We can ensure you reduce costs and control expenditure, increase the productivity of your business and improve your service – with a PBX phone system tailored for your business.

Control and Reduce Costs

When controlling costs you need to make sure that your business expenditures are managed correctly. One of the ways you can save money is by using the systems Automatic Route Selection (ARS) feature. This allows calls to be routed the most cost effective way with a choice of ISDN, Analogue, SIP Trunks or GSM mobile. Along with a single itemized bill you have complete control over and benefit from reduced costs.

Increase Productivity

You and your employees can work anywhere, including at home, making sure you can stay connected. You can use mobile extensions which will pair the office desk phones to a mobile device, this allows both the internal and mobile phone to call at the same time ensuring you and your employees never miss a call. Communications can be controlled through your computer allowing you too see who’s available to take a call or a specific call so that your customers can speak to the right person. Employee productivity increases if you can ensure they reach the right people at the right time. Whether your moving office or opening a new one a new system will mean that there are no disruptions with your call getting answered as you can be up and running within a day! You can also take all your existing numbers with you using our SIP Trunks.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Every business needs good customer satisfaction but it’s not just about the quality and value of your products and services. You also need to think about how quickly and effectively customers, partners and suppliers can get in contact with you. Not only that but also how they are treated, greeted and how long they will have to wait to get the information they need.

One way to increase customer satisfaction is that your customers can be given a direct dial number with a named contact so that a specific person can take care of their enquiry. Reduce your customer waiting times and in turn increase customer satisfaction by seeing who’s available to take a call and redirecting accordingly. Satisfied customers generate you repeat business and effective communications will greatly increase your level of service and grow your business.

What we offer

A new PBX phone system will enable you to control and reduce your costs, increase productivity and improve your customer satisfaction.

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