Secure Email Service

What is our Secure Email Service?

Our Secure Email Service offers a Secure Messaging platform service to users with advanced features to ensure data is protected. Have you ever wondered if a recipient has read your email? Ever wish you could retrieve an email you’ve sent? What about employees sending out sensitive business information? With our Secure Email Service you can control all these features and many more!

Deploying a secure email messaging platform enables professionals to send, receive and track confidential email and attachments on any device, anytime, anywhere.

This secure email service is popular among many businesses that want their information protected and is highly valued by Healthcare, Legal, Finance and Insurance industries.

This is a simple yet powerful encryption and message control tool that enables businesses to easily protect and manage their email. Works within your existing email system, be that Outlook, Office 365, Gmail and other standard email platforms using your existing email addresses.

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Send, Receive and Track Secure Messages

With our Secure Email Service you can send emails securely, receive secure emails and also track secure messages. This service doesn’t tie you down to your desk either, with Secure Email Messaging you can send, receive and track messages and attachments anywhere, anytime and on any device!

Using our Secure Email Service will make sure your data stays safe and protected and is guaranteed to speed up your workflow. Features such as For Your Eyes Only, email encryption and Patent Delivery Slip as well as many others ensure your privacy. All this is included but with seamless integration that work on all platforms, simple access for simple use.

  • Email Encryption
  • Patented Delivery Slip
  • Any device, anywhere
  • Unique security features
  • Simplicity
  • Full localisation support
  • Archiving and e-Discovery

Data Loss Prevention

Many data loss prevention solutions can be complex, inflexible and expensive as well as causing disruption to your email network. The data loss prevention that we provide is a simple solution that can be activated though the use of an email plugin which offers a multi-tenanted gateway. Having this feature ensures that your network architecture is in no way disrupted.

This Secure Email Service is the only data loss prevention solution that combines content filtering with Pre and Post-send controls. Some of these features are ‘For Your Eyes Only’, password protection, true message recall and forward and reply freeze.

  • Policy-based Encryption/ Content Filtering
  • Simple deployment
  • Optional Multi-Tenant Gateway
  • Unique Pre-Send and Post-Send controls
  • API intergration
  • Supports ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Polices
  • Hide staff email addresses
  • Multiple ways to initiate a secure message

Send and receive large files via email

Send, receive and track emails and their attachments of any files size straight from any email program. You can even use your existing email!

Our Secure Email Service allows you to send, receive and track attachments of any size and also allows you full control over encrypted files. What’s even better is that you can do all this directly from any email program so you can use your existing email and without any limitations. This enables you to avoid the cost and the high risk of FTP and unsecured file sharing as you can send anything and guarantee the security of the message and attachments.

  • Send and receive large files
  • Secure collaboration
  • Control inbox storage limits
  • Send multiple large files without slowing down

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