SIP Trunking Special Offer – Just £3.95!

The best SIP trunking price is now available right here with this limited time special offer. For all orders received before 31st March 2016 we are offering this amazing deal: –

1.    SIP Trunk line rental just £3.95 per month
2.    FREE UK Landline Calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers
3.    UK Mobile Calls just £0.01 per minute
4.    FREE Direct Dial Numbers (DDI) and FREE monthly DDI rental
5.    FREE Calling Line Identification (CLI)
6.    FREE Fraud Protection

Complete package for just a one off setup fee of only £49.99

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SIP Trunks – An ISDN Replacement

SIP Trunking is fast replacing traditional ISDN lines, especially since BT have announced end of life for ISDN lines. SIP Trunking connects your existing telephone system to the telephone network via a broadband or leased line connection, and provides a more flexible and lower cost alternative to ISDN lines for inbound and outbound voice calls.

ACT Comms supply SIP trunking that works seamlessly with all the leading telephone systems in the UK.  We provide and support SIP trunk connections ranging from 2 channels for small offices to an unlimited number of channels for the larger Enterprise or Contact Centre.

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Why choose SIP Trunks from ACT Comms?

SIP Trunking can save, on average, around 60% on your current line rental expenditure and many customers experience savings of up to 70% on their call costs
Our SIP Trunks handle emergencies with ease.  Reroute your calls to back-up sites or alternative destinations in seconds when fire, flood, or other unforeseen situations prevent you from operating from your premises
Toll fraud is a growing concern and costs UK business £1.2 billion per annum.  This is where unauthorised access to the telephone system is gained and fraudsters route calls through your ISDN lines without your knowledge – racking up a huge bill which you would be liable for.  Our SIP Trunking service comes with free fraud protection to detect such activity and prevent those unauthorised calls.
Any business with a telephone system can switch to SIP Trunks and immediately benefit from the more flexible, resilient and less expensive service that SIP offers.  You keep all your existing telephone numbers, including DDI numbers.

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