Toll Fraud

What is Toll Fraud?

Telephone system Fraud, otherwise known as Toll Fraud, is a particular problem for the UK and can have considerable financial consequences for victims, contributing to the £60 billion cost caused by this kind of fraud, globally.

Telephone system Fraud is the unauthorized use of your phone lines to make long distance calls that are charged to you. Phone Fraud is an illegal activity similar to computer hacking. It is a global, industry-wide problem.

Understand your Liability

Under most long distance carrier agreements, if a call has originated with, or passed through a customer’s equipment, that customer is responsible for the charge associated with the call, whether the call is authorized or not. This means that if you are a victim of Telephone fraud, you are liable for the cost. Learn how to prevent system fraud because you have the final responsibility for securing both your phone system and any network equipment.

Unauthorised calls are routed inbound and then outbound through the victims PBX, leaving the victim to pay all costs. Calls are routed through Phreaked PBX’s and each call may be routed through 7 PBX’s. Toll-Fraud & Phone Hacking is a multi-billion pound industry with attacks on telephone systems happening more frequently, which many are still unaware of until it’s too late…

Knowledge and Prevention are your best defense

ACT wants to arm you with as much information as possible to help you avoid system fraud. These guidelines will not completely eliminate the risk, but they can help reduce your chances of becoming a victim of system fraud.
While ACT is not responsible for the cost of system fraud, as one of your suppliers, we will be happy to discuss what protective measures you can take and help you make necessary changes to your system.

Keep in mind the warning signs of Toll Fraud. As soon as you see any of these warning signs action must be taken to stop the fraud and so ensure you contact us as soon as possible. Some of the warning signs are listed below:

•  Calls you don’t recognize on your telephone bill.
•  Increase in calls after business hours
•  Phone lines in use for extended periods when no one else is on the phone.
•  Unusual level of incoming calls from the same source, possibly automated call trying to get answered by a mailbox.

Global Telephone Fraud Costs
Billion Pounds Each Year

Secure your System

There are a few steps which you can take towards secure your system, for example, change your voicemail passwords regularly and don’t use obvious combinations such as 1234 or 2580 and not your extension number.

•  Remove any unused mailboxes
•  When employees leave the company, change the PIN on their mailbox or delete the mailbox completely.
•  Treat all internal directories as confidential
•  Secure telephone equipment were possible, and only allow access to authorized personnel.
•  Review your PBX call logging/reporting records regularly to spot any increase in call volumes or calls to suspicious destinations.

Many Lose More Than
In A Single Weekend

ACT Provides Complete Peace of Mind

There are a few steps which you can take towards securing your system which are listed above, but we don’t just give you tips, ACT gives you a solution.

As it currently stands your existing phone system will have 4 digit passwords, but with the latest version of software there is 6 digit passwords giving higher security, also the system will not allow you to use what it classed as “easy passwords” these are 1234 5555 2580 etc.. If you would like more information on the latest software available to ensure the safety of your telephone system Contact Us now.

For complete peace of mind ACT provides around the clock system monitoring to protect you and your system. If you would like any more information about Toll Fraud and how to prevent it or more information on our system monitoring give us a call on
01883 77 25 77