Hosted VoIP Solutions and UK Businesses

Why Hosted VoIP Telephony is on the Rise with UK Businesses

Many businesses now are turning from a traditional land-line phone system to a hosted VoIP solution for their business, but why? The answer –A Hosted System increases business communication efficiency, reduces operating expense and increases mobility and flexibility.

Now the advantages of having a hosted VoIP system truly surpass any functionality provided by having a traditional land-line phone system that everyone is so familiar with. The implementation of Hosted IP systems is not just a short term trend but are the future of business telephony.

Whilst many businesses choose to stay with a traditional telephony systems it might not always be for the best. We have provided many of our customers with a hosted VoIP system, all being very pleased with the change. Businesses that make the swap will enjoy exclusive features that a Hosted System gives such as:

Increased mobility and flexibility

A big advantage of going hosted is that it will give you and you company the ability to be a lot more flexible. If you need to be working remotely or have home workers you can get all your calls delivered to wherever you are. Calls can also be put through to your mobile if you are away from your desk. Lines can be moved, changed and added easily without all the hassle involved with a traditional phone system. And to make things even better, if you move office location you can take your Hosted system with you and all your existing telephone numbers!

Increased productivity and efficiency

A hosted VoIP system gives you many powerful features and these can help you to increase your productivity. Due to the advanced calling features you can be sure you never miss a call, even if you are on the go or away from your desk. Hosted telephony systems integrate with your company’s CRM software so you can click to dial straight out of your database. It can also allow employees to multitask more effectively, and allow for a collaborative working environment through the use of conference calling.

Reduced costs

Reducing costs is one of the main reasons that businesses choose to go with a hosted VoIP system. Unlike the traditional phone systems you avoid the expensive costs of purchasing and installing the new system and the ongoing high costs of maintenance. With a Hosted System all you need is your handset and a connection to the internet! Huge savings are also achieved on call charges, with free call allowances and competitive call packages. There is no need for PBX line rentals either, so no more high ISDN or multiple analogue line rentals, as the service is connected via an Internet connection.

A hosted VoIP system can have massive advantages for a business, big or small. If you would like more information on Hosted Systems and what they can do for you or would like to discuss the benefits for you and your business call us on 01883 779948, visit our Hosted page or request a Free Demo to see how it works!